Stephen Smith, vice-president of operations.

TWO weeks ago we introduced you to Bak Foods, an Atlanta, Georgia-based distributor who inked a deal with Spur Tree Spices for the local entity to produce various products under a white label for the restaurants it supplies.

This week we delve deeper into the company to uncover this Jamaican-owned distributor who supplies 600 Jamaican restaurants across the US.

“We are Bak Foods,” Boris Smith, the founder, president and CEO, said by way of introduction as he spelt out the word B-A-K Foods to ensure we got the spelling correct. “It stands for Boris and Karyn,” Smith continued. Karyn is his wife. She also serves the company as its vice-president of finance.

Started in 2010, Smith said the company is a personal testimony of his struggles in life and God’s decision to use the failures to bring him to a devout Christian life.