The business of the IAJ is managed by a Board of Directors comprising the CEOs of the Life and General Insurance Companies. The Board is made up of four representatives from the life sector and four from the General Insurance sector. The Presidency of the IAJ alternates between the two sectors.

  1. Earl Moore (2005-2007), President & CEO, Guardian Life.
  2. Andrew Levy (2007-2009), Managing Director, Jamaica International Insurance Company.
  3. Jacqueline Sharp (2009-2010), General Manager, Scotia Life Insurance Company.
  4. Paul Lalor (2010-2012), President & CEO, Insurance Company of the West Indies.
  5. Hugh Reid (2012-2014), President, Scotia Life Insurance Company.
  6. Karen Bhoorasingh (2014-2016)  President, Guardian Group General Insurance Jamaica Limited
  7. Eric Hosin (2016-2018) President, Guardian Life Limited
  8. Peter Levy (2018 – Current) Managing Director, British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited, BCIC
  9. The President is supported by two Vice Presidents, one representing life and one representing general.

The IAJ carries out its mandate with the help of various committees comprising representatives from member companies. The committees include:

  1. Public Relations & Consumer Affairs
  2. Life Claims
  3. Human Resources
  4. General CEOs
  5. Fraud

Mission Statement

To provide world class support services to the Jamaican insurance industry through effective lobbying, provision of information for decision making, avenues for addressing common concerns and encourage sound industry practices and ethical conduct of members while promoting the best interests of the insuring public and the long term economic development of the nation.

The Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ), resulted from a merger in August 2005 of the Jamaica association of General Insurance Companies (JAGIC) and the Life Insurance Companies Association of Jamaica (LICA).

The merger provided the opportunity to reduce and economize on administrative support functions and costs.

The IAJ is committed to supporting the growth and development of the insurance industry to the benefit of Jamaicans and the economy as a whole by providing quality support services to members through:

  • Effective Lobbying On Issues That Impact The Industry
  • Provision Of Information For Decision Making, As Well As Avenues For Addressing Common Concerns
  • Organizing Public Education And Other Public Relations Activities
  • Providing Services To Members And Policyholders
  • Promotion Of The Best Interests Of The Insuring Public
  • Encouragement Of Ethical Conduct Of Members

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