Never stop investing — a retiree’s journey
Let your money always keep working for you by putting systems in place to make money even while you sleep.

THE retirement years can be plagued with ups and downs, or it can be a dream come true.

Last week it was a pleasure to conduct business with a 92-year-old retiree — a businessman with many years of success as an entrepreneur. As a businessman he knew failure, having experienced the loss of his business prior to retirement, but he was always an avid investor and recovered remarkably from the financial setback. He learned from his failure and re-emerged as an outstanding entrepreneur, investor, and motivator. Long-term investing in the stock market is very important in helping investors to overcome financial challenges that may occur along life’s journey. It provides options and increases the purchasing power of your money, when you need it most. This retired businessman was able to invest a handsome sum of money, representing dividends earned from the stocks he bought many years before. He is able to diversify his investments in retirement as emergencies can happen at any time.