UK food prices are rising at their fastest rate in 42 years as the cost of living crisis continues to squeeze household budgets.

Food costs jumped 14.6% in the year to September – the biggest rise since 1980 – with bread, cereal, meat and dairy prices all climbing.

It comes as people also struggle with higher energy and transport costs.

Overall inflation – the rate at which UK prices rise – surged to 10.1% last month and is expected to climb further.

The prices of most key items in the average household’s food shopping basket went up last month, including fish, sugar, fruit and rice, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

Experts say the rise in the cost of groceries has been accelerated by the war in Ukraine, which has disrupted grain, oil and fertiliser supplies from the region.

Food and drink prices have also been affected by the recent weakness in the pound, which has made imported products and ingredients more expensive.