/Dr Kingsley Chin wins International Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Dr Kingsley Chin wins International Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Left to right: David Oh, Philadelphia City Councilman; Cherri Gregg KYW News Radio; Blane Stoddart President of YCPN; Derek Green, City Councilman; Dr Kingsley Chin; Ronald McKay; Consul General Trudy Deans;and Jean Wintz Dabne and Claudia Colon, both of YCPN. (.)

The Young Caribbean Professional Network (YCPN) last week presented Dr Kingsley Chin, renown spinal surgeon, inventor and author, with the International Entrepreneur of the Year Award, at their National Fundraising Event, held on April 5, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr Chin, who is originally from Jamaica, attended Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, and subsequently went on to become the Chief of Spinal Surgery and a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

Proceeds from the event will assist more than 700 students from Jamaica and the Caribbean to participate at the Penn Relays. The 2018 edition of the annual relays, regarded as the “best track & field competition in the United States” will be held April 26-28 in Philadelphia, and will involve over 700 high school students from Jamaica.

Dr Chin, whose celebrated career spans over 28 years, is internationally renowned as an expert in minimally invasive spinal surgery and a pioneer in new medical techniques and devices. His extensive career as a published author, includes 45 articles in peer reviewed journals, 14 book chapters and 11 review chapters.

In addition to being a practising surgeon and physician, Dr Chin also serves as managing partner and CEO of KICVentures which he founded in 2005 and is the author of the book Prove Yourself.

On receiving the honour, Dr Chin stated that being granted the International Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the YCPN — among such figureheads as Ron McKay, Don Wehby and other Caribbean greats — was an honour and a blessing.

“As an avid presence in Jamaica and the Caribbean — I’ve witnessed this country’s beauty and strength since my time as a boy here. I have tied my Jamaican roots in every aspect of my successes — at present focusing on the importance of solid healthcare accessibility in the country and leveraging these options as opportunities to increase and foster tourism, the economy and the country as a whole,” he said.


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