January 29, 2018- Director of The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining Kenute Hare, is urging road users to exercise extreme caution on the roads this year.
He says drivers should desist from using their motor vehicles to create mayhem on the nation’s roadways as the reduction of crashes and fatalities can only be achieved by correcting careless behaviour patterns.
According to Mr. Hare the majority of our road crashes are related to bad driving practices and very poor judgement. He wants motorists to change their behaviour and think of other road users because road fatalities are not just statistics, these deaths cause a great deal of suffering for the people who have lost a loved one or who are left with life changing injuries.
Statistics from the Road Safety Unit reveal that the main cause of the crashes last year, were due to excessive speeding, disobeying traffic sign/signals, swerving, failure to keep left, and following too closely or tailgating. Since the start of 2018, 26 persons have died on the nations roads.

Crash Update January 29, 2018