Go sell your goats and buy stocks – FosRich boss tells staff

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Cecil Foster, CEO of FosRich Company Ltd with his members of staff, who are also sisters: Kerry-Ann Gray (right), marketing manager at FosRich and Wendy-Ann Gray, FosRich customer service representative. (Photo: Garfield Robinson) Cecil Foster, CEO of FosRich, the recently listed electricial parts company, is clear that he wants his staff to personally benefit from [...]

Pinnacle targets rapid growth for 2018, while opening MoBay branch

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Chief executive officer of Pinnacle Insurance Brokers, Mark Neita (right), explains plans to build a second office in Montego Bay by June. Looking on is Manager Norman Laing. (Photo: Michael Gordon) Pinnacle Insurance Brokers plans on expanding its footprint to the Western end of the island. The plans for expansion come just three years after [...]

Port industrial park ready to roll – Project tackles warehousing first; investment partners to be sought for other phases

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Construction of a modern warehouse constituting the first of a multiphase development of an industrial park by Port Authority of Jamaica is to begin by March at a cost of US$25.8 million ($3.2 billion). Vice-president for business development at the Port Authority, Edmond Marsh, said the warehouse is to be constructed adjacent to the Kingston [...]

World Bank approves US$15m loan to boost access to finance

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The World Bank board today approved a US$15 million loan to improve access to finance for micro, small, and medium enterprises in Jamaica. Access to finance is one of the main bottlenecks for firms, and small and medium businesses play a key role for growth and employment, accounting for 90 per cent of the country’s [...]


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January 29, 2018- Director of The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining Kenute Hare, is urging road users to exercise extreme caution on the roads this year. He says drivers should desist from using their motor vehicles to create mayhem on the nation’s roadways as the reduction of crashes and fatalities [...]

IMMF predicts improvements in economic prospects for Caribbean/Latin America in 2018

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WASHINGTON, DC, USA (CMC) — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says economic prospects for the region are generally improving and modest growth is expected in 2018 and 2019. The IMF, in its Regional Economic Outlook Update for Latin America and the Caribbean, released on Thursday, said the positive outlook is supported by growth in the [...]

Businesses demanded more creative financing options in 2017

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It would appear that lower interest rates on savings, the constriction of the repurchase agreement market, and the expansionary outlook for the local business converged last year to significantly expand the financing options available. At the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) 13th Annual Regional Conference at Jamaica Pegasus this week, Steven Gooden, head of NCB Capital [...]

Cedric Stephens | Demand for accountability should extend to NIS

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Director of the National Insurance Scheme, Portia Magnus. Are demands for the scalps of the Minister of national security and the commissioner of police due to the rising murder rate warranted? I doubt it. Even though many believe that a change in leadership is the right response to the crisis, I am not certain that [...]

NCB grows to fourth in region, defends Guardian offer

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Dennis Cohen, Chief Financial Officier and Deputy CEO of NCB Financial Group. NCB Financial Group Limited defended its takeover bid for Guardian Holdings Limited, which has met with resistance from some minority GHL owners in Trinidad & Tobago. Jamaica's top banking group also reported to shareholders at its annual general meeting on Friday that the [...]

Foreign exchange market dynamics

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Recent exchange rate Movement There are several major factors, in isolation or in tandem, which can impact the state of the foreign exchange market, and therefore the exchange rate. These include: 1. The current account balance 2. Individual preferences of market participants 3. International market conditions 4. External shocks, and 5. Inflation

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