Sagicor seeking a new home

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7:50 am, Thu January 29, 2015. RJR Website Insurance company Sagicor is considering Trinidad & Tobago as one of several country options, as it prepares to relocate its registered offices from Barbados. Sagicor President Dodridge Miller said the recommendation to change location followed Standard & Poor’s recent downgrade of  entities within the Sagicor Group. Mr. [...]

Men Warned To Change Attitude Towards Prostate Cancer Screening

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Published: Tuesday | January 27, 2015.  Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer Deacon Clive Chambers: There is a great fear among the Jamaican men about doing the rectal examination because the prostate is located near to the anus and the easiest way is to access through the anus. Despite the fact that prostate cancer is the leading [...]

US Energy Boost – Jamaica To Benefit From US$90m Clean-Power Project

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Published: Tuesday | January 27, 2015 The White House yesterday announced that the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) would intensify its focus on developing green-energy projects in the Caribbean and that Jamaica is to be the largest beneficiary. The US Department of the Interior and the Department of State are working with Jamaica to [...]

Are Insurance Consumers Being Treated Fairly? (Part 2)

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Published: Sunday | January 25, 2015.  Cedric E. Stephens, Contributor QUESTION: Are there any local or international best practices that speak to how insurance customers are to be treated generally, and more specifically, how claims are to be dealt with (by insurance companies)? - D.H.L., Kingston 7 INSURANCE HELPLINE: Today's article is the second in a [...]


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January has been designated Earthquake Awareness Month by the Office of Disaster and Emergency Management. Earthquakes happen suddenly and without warning and a major quake needs only seconds to completely change the human and physical landscape. http://jablogz.com/2015/01/what-would-happen-if-haitis-deadly-earthquake-had-hit-jamaica-instead-video/      

JPS reports progress in plans for fuel switch at Bogue

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9:30 am, Mon January 19, 2015. From RJR Website The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is reporting that it has made significant progress in preparing for the conversion of  its Bogue power plant to accommodate gas-based fuels. The electricity company has identified at least two low cost fuel options available to be used at the [...]

Industry Minister tables green paper on Special Economic Zones

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11:56 am, Thu January 15, 2015   From RJR Website Industry Minister Anthony Hylton has tabled a Green Paper on the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which is aimed at creating a regime to grow local business and widen access to export markets. SEZs represent a wide variety of geographically demarcated areas that offer simple and [...]

Coffee farmers back in the fields as prices soar

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Farmers celebrate coffee revival but lament poor roads, lack of water Monday, January 19, 2015.   BY INGRID BROWN Associate editor — special assignment browni@jamaicaobserver.com Coffee selector Clinton Miller welcomes the increased demand for coffee. (PHOTO: KENYON HEMANS)  Residents of Ythanside, a small farming community in Portland, now have something to celebrate despite their many challenges, [...]

Pension funds can pool $15 billion for equity financing

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Sunday, January 18, 2015 NCB Capital Markets chief executive Steven Gooden wants pension funds to collectively invest $15 billion as equity in fast-growing businesses as a new source of funding in Jamaica. "Look at the pension fund industry, that industry has north of $300 billion in assets under management. Imagine five per cent of that [...]

Cheaper oil can help overturn Jamaica’s negative growth

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 . BY RICHARD BROWNE Business editor browner@jamaicaobserver.com BYLES… oil at US$50 per barrel means that Jamaica’s current account deficit is going to improve dramatically  DESPITE a greater than expected contraction in the economy, Jamaica is in a strong position heading into the final quarter, especially due to lower oil prices, according to [...]

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