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Property Insurance Rate Increase Pending

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Property owners should prepare for an increase in insurance rates of 10 to 15 percent this year, states Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) executive director, Orville Johnson. Mr. Johnson says that this pending rise in property insurance premiums is due to increasingly destructive Atlantic hurricane seasons in recent years. He explains that insurers pool insurance [...]

Jamaica’s trade deficit increased to US$4,246.8 million for the period January-December 2018.

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The International Merchandise Trade (IMT) presents the value of goods entering and leaving Jamaica. The Jan-Dec 2018 Interna>onal Merchandise Trade Bulle>n outlines addi>onal informa>on and may be obtained from the Sta>s>cal Ins>tute of Jamaica’s ?ebsite at ???.sta>n@a.gov.@m or from the Ins>tute’s Library at 7 Cecelio Avenue, Aingston 10.International Merchandise Trade_December 2018 - Press Release [...]

Merchandise Trade Bulletin December 2018

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Kingston: February 25, 2019: Jamaica’s trade deficit at the end of the January to December 2018 stood at US$4,246.8 million, 1.8 per cent above the US$4,169.8 million which was recorded for the similar review period in 2017 according to the International Merchandise Trade (IMT) Bulletin released today (February 25, 2019) by the Statistical Institute [...]

PSOJ Supports the Limited State of Emergency

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The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) wants to register our support for the limited State of Emergency (SOE) called on Thursday January 18th for areas in St. James. The PSOJ had earlier this month expressed significant concern that the crime situation was out of control, as was evidenced by the brazen murders that were [...]

Disturbed at the Looming Uncertainty following meeting of the Minister and Commissioner of Police

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Unfortunately, following what should have been a session to demonstrate unification and leadership among the leaders of the Ministry of National Security, the country is now left more concerned about the management of law and order within the country. The new year began with the hapless circumstances of the blocking of traffic to the [...]

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