The British Caribbean Insurance Company Ltd (BCIC) has committed to be clear, open and customer-focused in its communications by rewriting its policy booklets in ‘plain language’. A document written in plain language is easy for the reader to read, understand, and act on. The first phase of the company’s plain-language commitment is its new Home Cover All Policy Booklet, which is Writemark-approved.

The Writemark is an internationally recognised quality mark for clear communication. Established in 2005, the mark is awarded to documents and websites that achieve a high standard of plain language.

This new plain-language strategy does not only involve the rewriting of policy booklets, but a complete overhaul of how the company communicates with its customers. Managing Director for BCIC Peter Levy indicated that all the company’s communications are being written using plain language.

“We’ve found that the best way to minimise distrust and improve the connection between us and our customers is to talk to them in a way they can understand. Plain language delivers better results, and an enhanced customer experience,” he said.!!&app=io.ox/mail&folder=default0/INBOX&storeLocale=true