THE new year is here and as we move forward into it, the Jamaica Observer has compiled a list of 22 businesses to watch in 2022. Some are publicly held entities, others are private, but they all are companies we believe will make massive moves this year. Here’s our list and why we believe they will be impactful this year.

1) Barita Investments Limited — After another year with fresh equity capital, Barita’s balance sheet has expanded from $18.88 billion in 2018 to $90.21 billion in 2021. This has been combined with an aggressive talent hunt of brilliant, young and experienced minds from major companies in an effort to change the game and face of the industry. Barita’s marketing spend along with its constant capital market activity have pushed it to become one of the more well knowm brands in Jamaica like Digicel, Wisynco, or KFC. Though Paul Simpson is the deputy chairman of Barita, his vision for the business has been matched by an injection of capital through Cornerstone Financial Holdings Limited and visible growth in financial performance. With the company leading Massy to the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) this month, one can only wonder what is next for the hungry lion.