AS part of its commitment to Caribbean regional development, Digicel Group announced that it has begun an evaluation process of selecting a single Caribbean market in which to base its Finance Shared Service Centre.

With Digicel’s outsourced financial services function currently operating out of Chennai in India, the decision to insource the function will leverage the highly skilled finance and IT talent pool in many Caribbean countries, the group said.

The new finance shared service function will be responsible for serving all of Digicel Group’s 26 markets across the Caribbean and Central America out of a single location in the Caribbean, and will result in the creation of a minimum of 200 new finance and IT roles.

Commenting on the decision to insource its finance shared service function and locate it within the Caribbean region, Digicel Group CEO Oliver Coughlan said, “We’re committed to providing opportunities for people to flourish, and as a company we want everything we do to benefit the customers and the countries that we serve. We have a shortlist of locations in the Caribbean which boast a vibrant and highly skilled talent pool and we’re heading into a final decision in the coming weeks.”