/Preparing for a post-COVID-19 economy

Preparing for a post-COVID-19 economy

Eight days ago, Jamaica confirmed its first COVID-19 case. This was inevitable as the world has been dealing with the virus since mid- November, when the first case was reported in China. It has taken some three months to get to Jamaica, and during that time it is obvious that the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and the Government, under the watchful eyes of Minister Tufton and PM Holness, have been preparing for the role they are playing.

I think all would agree that the Government has been doing a good job, given the resources we have. When I watch international news and then watch TVJ or CVM, I am heartened by the management of the Government and the responsible actions being displayed by Jamaicans.

Decisive and responsible action is of course very important to prevent the spread of the virus, as we have learned from countries like Italy, which simply took too long to act, and at the other end South Korea, which attacked the threat swiftly in a very targeted and strategic manner.


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