/Proposed amendments to the Rent Restriction Act

Proposed amendments to the Rent Restriction Act

The Rent Restriction Act, which was passed over seventy-five years ago and last amended in the year 1985, is the primary legislation used by many to govern the relationship between landlords and their tenants.

Given the age of the Act, many are of the view that it is in dire need of updating, as the realities that existed 75 years ago which shaped and formulated the provisions in the Act have significantly evolved. Not only is the Act outdated, but it is also considered to be skewed in the favour of tenants, as many of the penalties and restrictions outlined in the Act are only imposed on landlords.

In an attempt to achieve a more balanced Act where the rights of landlords are also protected and with a view to making the Act reflective of the current realities that face both landlords and tenants, the Government has called for an updated Act.


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