/Experts praise new tourism pension scheme

Experts praise new tourism pension scheme

The Tourism Workers Pension Scheme, which was approved earlier this year in Parliament, has continued to receive the thumbs up across the pension/retirement landscape.

The latest commendations came from the members of the Pension Industry Association of Jamaica (PIAJ), who were guests of the Jamaica Observer‘s weekly Monday Exchange at Beechwood Avenue, Kingston, on Monday.

President of the PIAJ, Sanya Goffe, noted that although her association had nothing to do with the proposal for the scheme, she thinks it is a very good start.

“The ability for each tourism worker, whether he or she works in a hotel or drives a taxicab or operates a food stall, for that person to be able to become a part of the pension fund, that’s an excellent thing, especially for those persons who have employers, to have the additional benefit that the employer is required to make a contribution on their behalf. So, to me, it is really a great start,” Goffe


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