Microsoft encourages Jamaican companies to accelerate digital transformation

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Microsoft Jamaica is throwing its weight behind local companies accelerating their digital transformation to achieve robust growth and productivity. To this end, Microsoft Jamaica on Tuesday hosted its 'Microsoft Envision Summit', which is an international event that took place for the first time in Jamaica and was used to celebrate Microsoft's 20 years of doing [...]

Buy real estate to create transgenerational wealth says JBA president

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President of the Jamaica Bankers Association Jerome Smalling is stoutly advocating for Jamaicans to acquire real estate as a means of building transgenerational wealth. “I want to reinforce the fact that in an environment where we are having lower interest rates, we need to think about building transgenerational wealth. And the best way to do [...]

Motorcycle safety workshops for Western JA

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If you’ve ever visited the parishes of Hanover and Westmoreland, chances are, you would have witnessed the growing phenomenon of bike taxis. For many, they are convenient, fast, and reliable as they can navigate areas that may be impassable for other vehicles. Still, the region continues to record one of the highest fatality rates when [...]

Holness reiterates call for concessionary financing for CARICOM

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UNITED NATIONS (CMC): Jamaica yesterday reiterated a call for concessionary financing for Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, saying that the present policy was severely hampering the socio-economic growth of the 15-member regional grouping. Addressing the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness said he was compelled to reiterate the [...]

Don’t outprice J’cans from owning homes, expert warns

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WESTERN BUREAU: Jamaica Bankers Association President Jerome Smalling is warning that care must be taken to ensure that Jamaicans are not outpriced out of owning their own homes. In a plea to real estate developers, Smalling said that he was encouraging them to invest in new housing stocks, as the prevailing low mortgage interest [...]

Ganja exports, IPOs touted as SAFE winners – Jamaican ganjapreneurs cheer prospects for marijuana trade from new US banking bill

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A new legislative bill in the United States is paving the way for banks to do business with marijuana companies, a development that has sparked hope among Jamaican ganjapreneurs that correspondent banking issues and other roadblocks to business may soon be cleared for them. It would open up new opportunities for investments and exports from [...]

S&P rating upgrade a positive development for economy – PSOJ

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The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has welcomed the recent upgrade of Jamaica’s sovereign credit rating from 'B' to 'B+’ by Standard and Poor's Ratings Agency (S&P). PSOJ President Keith Duncan stated that the upgrade is a positive development for Jamaica. “The B+ rating by S&P demonstrates that the economy is moving in the right [...]

Keith Duncan heads PSOJ

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Keith Duncan, Group CEO of the JMMB Group, was on Wednesday elected as the new president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ). Duncan, who previously held the post of vice-president, succeeded Howard Mitchell who has demitted the position after his two-year term. Duncan , who is also co-chairman of the Economic Programme Oversight [...]

The domestic economy needs to be vibrant — Clarke

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Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke on Wednesday evening told a gathering that the reason behind the Government's abolishment and reduction of taxes was to stimulate the domestic industry in order to achieve strong economic growth. “The large part of the economy is domestic and we need the domestic economy to be vibrant, to [...]

Gov’t to introduce new security feature for driver’s licenses

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ministry of Transport and Mining will be introducing new security features on driver's licences to eliminate fraud. Speaking in the House of Representatives recently, Portfolio Minister, Robert Montague, said the new security features will be facilitated under the regulations of the new Road Traffic Act. “Right now, people are walking [...]

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