/No-deal or delay? Brexit deal defeat leaves UK in limbo

No-deal or delay? Brexit deal defeat leaves UK in limbo

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — A hard no-deal Brexit or a delay on Britain leaving the European Union? The British Parliament’s thumping defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal increases the likelihood of both options.

The House of Commons shot down the prime minister’s long-suffering divorce deal with the other 27 EU nations on Tuesday by 391 votes to 242.

But this is far from the end of the Brexit saga, despite Britain’s March 29 exit deadline fast approaching.

Parliament is now expected to hold two more votes this week that will ultimately shape the future of Britain’s 46-year membership in the EU.


Britain simply walking out without any new arrangements in place — the so-called “no-deal Brexit” — would automatically kick in should no deal be agreed.

May has been forced to give parliament a chance to vote against this potentially catastrophic scenario today.


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