/Ganja businesses are growing

Ganja businesses are growing

Despite frequent criticisms of Jamaica’s slow progress to optimum use of its cannabis (ganja) crops, truth be told the industry is progressing as quickly as conditions will allow.

A good example of what has been happening in the market is that the locally owned and operated Environmentally Processing Inter-national Cannabis (Epican) Jamaica which became the first company to be licensed for cultivation by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) in October, 2017, has also become the first to renew its licences.

The company officially opened its first retail outlet, the Epican Jamaica Cannabis Store at the Market Place in Kingston in July, 2018, the first such store in Kingston.

Epican was founded and is co-owned by brothers Dwayne and Karibe McKenzie. Dwayne is the company’s president, and Karibe the chief executive officer (CEO).

The brothers started their journey in Meadowbrook, St Andrew, where they attended Meadowbrook High. They moved to Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, where they had their first experiences with racism, which led them to move to the continent of Africa, moving between Ethiopia, Ghana and the Gold Coast.


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