/NCB Group to grow revenues to US$1.5 B with GHL assets

NCB Group to grow revenues to US$1.5 B with GHL assets

Jamaica-based NCB Financial Group (NCBFG) has indicated that its consolidated revenues with Trinidad-based Guardian Holding Limited (GHL) would surpass US$1.5 billion, or just under J$200 billion, provided GHL shareholders accept the offer now before them to sell their shares.

Additionally, the acquisition would see NCBFG assess the operations and management of GHL with a move to effect efficiencies and synergies.

“If the offer is successful, after the consummation of the acquisition, NCBFG intends to conduct a comprehensive review of GHL’s businesses, operations, capitalisation, corporate structure and management with a view to maximising the development of GHL’s potential in conjunction with NCBFG’s businesses,” stated NCB in the offer circular released on the conglomerate’s website.

The group added that the “collaboration” between NCBFG and GHL should allow customers to benefit from a broader range of services provided in more efficient ways. NCBFG added that it anticipates that its added pan-Caribbean reach will offer additional growth opportunities.


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