About climate change

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CLIMATE change has rapidly become one of the world's greatest challenges. Everyone from government to business is taking action to tackle its effects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels. The urgency is steadily intensifying as environmental experts around the world are seeing the effect of intensifying weather [...]

Jamaica finally getting down to business

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It is no accident that the third Latinfinance Caribbean Finance and Investment Forum will be held in Jamaica at the Pegasus hotel tomorrow as, after long decades of malaise, Jamaica finally appears to be one of the shining stars of the Caribbean region. In his presentation on “Opportunities for Local Financing of Jamaica's infrastructure Development” [...]

VM Wealth launches new unit trust products

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Victoria Mutual Wealth Management (VM Wealth), the investment arm of the Victoria Mutual Group, has launched two new unit trust products – VM Wealth International Equity Fund and VM Wealth Money Market Fund. These new products, which are denominated in the US dollar and the Jamaican dollar, respectively, are part of VM Wealth's response to [...]

State assets shortlisted for privatisation

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Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation Daryl Vaz (left), in discussion with MoneyMasters Limited President Claudette Crooks during the entity's 'Conversation with the Analysts' breakfast forum, held at Eden Gardens Wellness and Spa Resort in St Andrew, yesterday. (Photo: JIS) MINISTER without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth [...]

Overwhelming appetite for UBTR – KLE upbeat as London restaurant forced to implement reservation system

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Gary Matalon, CEO of the KLE Group, which operates the Tracks & Records restaurants co-branded with partner Usain Bolt, is more upbeat about the franchise, based on better than expected sales at the first foreign casual diner now operating in London. Matalon partly ascribed the reception to the latest UBTR restaurant to the power of [...]

Bloodshed plummets – Hospitals seeing fewer violent cases due to ZOSO, SOE; numbers from motor vehicle accidents still troubling

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Although not conclusively attributing the drastic plunge in persons being shot and stabbed in the Old Capital to the state of public emergency, chief executive officer of the Spanish Town Hospital, Dwayne Francis, said it was a positive sign that there was less bloodletting. However, he said the hospital could do well with fewer patients [...]

Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records to open in UK

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Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records restaurant is going overseas. The popular bar, restaurant, and lounge will open its first venue in the London in the United Kingdom on October 10. It will be the first of 15 restaurants to be opened across the UK over the next 5 years. “After much success with our Track [...]

US economic growth a robust 3.5 per cent in third quarter

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WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Robust US GDP growth continued in the third quarter but at a slower pace as the economy faced mounting headwinds from trade, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Coming just 11 days before nail-biting midterm elections, the figures show the large head of steam still driving the world's largest economy after [...]

China leads the way as world’s billionaires get even richer

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ZURICH, Switzerland (AFP) — China produced around two new billionaires a week last year as the fortunes of the world's ultra-rich soared by a record amount, a report said Friday. Billionaires' wealth enjoyed its “greatest-ever” increase in 2017, rising 19 per cent to US$8.9 trillion shared among 2,158 individuals, said the report by Swiss [...]

Jamaican US Diaspora to hold major leadership summit Nov

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New York, USA — Representatives of the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board in the United States have scheduled a leadership summit for November 16 to 18, 2018, in an effort to formulate a cohesive development plan for the grouping here. It will mark the first time that such a summit — to be held at the [...]

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