/Bartlett welcomes endorsement of Jamaica’s Global Centre for Tourism

Bartlett welcomes endorsement of Jamaica’s Global Centre for Tourism

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says that the unveiling of Jamaica’s Global Centre for Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management at last week’s Tourism Summit in Jordan was an astounding endorsement from the international tourism community.

The conference brought together key stakeholders from the private and public sectors to discuss strategies for recovery and developing resilience, brand management for sustainable growth and effective communications.

It also highlighted how the theory and practice of winning strategies have resulted in resilience.

Bartlett, who was in Jordan for the summit, announced the creation of the centre at the opening ceremony for the Organisational Development Transformation Conference in New Kingston, last month, and again during a panel discussion, the ABC’s of Resilience in Jordan.

Other panellists included Dr Lee Miles, Professor of crisis and disaster management at Bournemouth University; Isabel Hill, director of the National Travel and Tourism Office at the United States Department of Commerce; and Deepak Raj Joshi, chief executive officer at the Nepal Tourism Board.

Hill commented that resilience is one of the most important things to talk about in travel and tourism today.

“There are issues we deal with that can be a matter of life and death,” she noted.


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