Economist pours cold water on cryptocurrency

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) — A prominent United States-based economist has described cryptocurrency as a “bubble” and does not believe it will succeed. “Many financial services and firms thereof, really have no idea what is going to emerge in cryptocurrency because there are so many competing firms, so many competing standards. It is not clear that [...]

Building out your entrepreneurship resources — what is in your business toolkit?

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Entrepreneurial resources include sources of financing such as lines of credit and investment capital, but may also include resources such as knowledge of a particular field or technology, or networks of contacts who can be called upon to contribute financial support, publicity, or other benefits to a growing enterprise. Our Income Ideas Panel shares their [...]

So how do you find your passion to profit from? Ideas panel

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How exactly do you know what you should be doing with your life? And how do you make money from what you want to do with your life? We asked a panel of entreprenuers in various fields that question. Life coach Elizabeth Terry noted, “As an NLP coach and passion test facilitator, you can imagine [...]

Approval and Mixed reactions to Cabinet changes

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CABINET changes announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday were greeted with acceptance by political commentator Shalman Scott and scepticism by the People's National Party (PNP), whose chairman, Fitz Jackson said the Opposition was less than hopeful the move will bring about the change that the country needs. Jackson, the Opposition spokesman on national security, [...]

Growth & Jobs | Mutual funds offer more options, say JN Fund managers

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Mutual Funds make sense for investors because they are able to select the type of funds that serve their individual risk tolerances, says Jermaine Deans, deputy general manager at JN Fund Managers (JNFM). "The addition of the new Global US Dollar Fixed Income Fund to the five existing funds offered by JN Fund Managers is [...]

Major crimes now trending down, says Montague

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JDF2: Minister of National Security Robert Montague (left) presents acting commander of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Air Wing, Major Anthony Gregory (third right), with a television set, which was among several appliances presented to the unit during a ceremony on Friday at Up Park Camp, Kingston. Others pictured from second right are: Permanent Secretary [...]

Cancer dilemma

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A Jamaican man in the United Kingdom is being refused treatment for prostate cancer despite living there for more than 40 years, Britain's Guardian newspaper has reported. The newspaper report names the man as Albert Thompson, 63, and said he has not been receiving the radiotherapy treatment he needs because he has been unable to [...]

7 Benefits of Eating Fish

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Organic Seafood networkFresh from the sea to the plate, steam fish served with bammy and crackers. 1 2 1) Fatty Types of Fish Are The Healthiest:Fatty fish (like salmon, trout, sardines, tuna and mackerel) are higher in fat-based nutrients. This includes the fat-soluble vitamin D and high omega-3 fatty acids, To meet your omega-3 requirements, [...]

Oran Hall | Safe investment with big returns?

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QUESTION: I am looking for a safe way to invest and to earn great rewards on my principal. Do you have any advice to give me? - Claudette FINANCIAL ADVISER: You want great returns but you also want safety of principal. These two positions are opposite to each other, for there is a direct relationship [...]

We better listen to Mr Bruce Golding

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Addressing the Rotary Club of Kingston earlier this month, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding shared some very revealing data that, we hope, have attracted the attention of policymakers. Essentially, what Mr Golding pointed out was the fact that Jamaica needs to develop appropriate responses to the demands that an ageing population will place on the [...]

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