/New Road Traffic Bill passed In Lower House

New Road Traffic Bill passed In Lower House

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The new Road Traffic Bill was passed with 131 amendments in the Lower House of Parliament today.

The Road Traffic Bill, 2016 will replace the current Road Traffic Act of 1938, sections of which have become outdated due to the technological developments in motor vehicle and road designs.

The Bill, which was tabled on September 9, 2016, was voted on unanimously.

It will now go to the Senate where it is anticipated that its passage will receive the same level of bi-partisan support that was received in the lower house on Tuesday. Following its passage in the Senate, it will then go to the Governor General for accent following which it will be gazetted and passed into law.

The new Road Traffic Bill started in 2004 and has been across successive governments. It has been widely anticipated by many stakeholders who are anxious for its implementation and enforcement.

Transport and Mining Minister, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry who closed the debate on the Bill issued a stern warning to motorists to change their behaviour in the traffic environment to reflect a deeper understanding of the responsibility of their own safety and that of other road users.

He said every effort will be made to work closely with the police for a zero tolerance approach to any breach of the road code under the new Act.


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