/Ganja for the Stock Exchange

Ganja for the Stock Exchange

Jamaican scientist Dr Henry Lowe, known worldwide for his cancer research and development of nutraceuticals from Jamaican plants, including cannabis, says he intends to list his company, Medicanja Ltd, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) within weeks.

“Most Jamaicans would like to get involved in the medicinal cannabis industry but are unable to participate in the areas offered through the Cannabis Licensing Authority. Consequently, this can be achieved through our own Jamaican company where persons can enjoy profits and engage in the development and growth of the medicinal cannabis industry,” Dr Lowe announced in his presentation to the JSE’s 13th Regional Investments and Capital Markets Conference on January 26 .

Dr Lowe, the executive chairman and founder of Medicanja Ltd, told the audience that the listing will give every Jamaican living here and in the Diaspora the opportunity to get involved in the medical cannabis business in a very direct way, not only to support but to earn revenue from their investments.

Lowe was one of three speakers who presented during a session of the conference entitled ‘Monetising the Plant-based Medicine Industry’.

He related to his audience the experience of the different subsidiaries within his Eden Gardens Group in conducting research and development of products and services derived from local medicinal plants. These companies include EG Wellness Brands, Medicanja Ltd, Bio-tech Research and Development (R&D) Institute, and Flavocure Biotech LLC, a US-based laboratory.

After giving an overview of both the global and local market of medicinal plants, Lowe pinpointed Jamaica as a potential hub for medicinal plants, as the country possesses 52 per cent of the world’s established medicinal plants.

He said that despite the many possibilities for the country and significant research conducted by educational institutions, especially The University of the West Indies through the Bio-tech Research and Development Institute, there has been no real economic development or commercial products.


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