/Billy Craig celebrates 55 years with full slate of changes

Billy Craig celebrates 55 years with full slate of changes

Billy Craig offices in Montego Bay

Billy Craig Insurance Brokers (BCIB) has introduced what it has described as “an exciting new system” for the online enrolment of employee benefits.

In a news release on the new development earlier this week, BCIC said that its new online form is the first of its kind in Jamaica and that it is being rolled out to select clients presently, but will be available to all clients by the end of March 2018.

The new employee benefits system was created as an alternative to traditional forms, which required new members to be added via long, handwritten forms.

Prior to the new system, the company noted, the enrolment of new staff members to group health insurance plans was a time-consuming and tedious exercise which required that client’s employees go through a long and sometimes challenging application process.

“The old process often resulted in incorrectly completed forms, which would then result in a delay in the issuance of insurance cards to new team members. Following the complete roll-out of the new system in March, all clients will be able to add new employees to their health insurance programmess using the Billy Craig web portal,” BCIB stated.

The new system was put in place to improve the company’s customer experience and ensure that, instead of being annoyed, customers could enjoy dealing with their insurance-related matters.

The new employee benefits form is among a full slate of changes which BCIB is introducing this year to celebrate its 55th anniversary and improve its customer experience.


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