Vernon James Vice President – Life for the Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) is urging the Ministry of Education to leverage Technology to provide more access to education using smart phones and the social media.  Mr James who was speaking at the Awards Ceremony for the Mathematics Teacher of the Year, and Mathematics Week, said:  “We are particularly supportive of the plan to increase the usage of on-line learning platforms with a mathematics content, so that students can have easy access to information to enhance their ability to do maths, even in their spare time. We encourage you to do all in your power so that smart phones and the social media become tools of empowerment for Maths and other types of education instead of some of the negative things that this phenomenon, has been associated with recently.”

Mr James noted that” we also support maths education as it helps to promote the development of critical thinking, analytic and problem solving skills, so essential in both personal and national development”.   The Insurance Association Jamaica has committed $750,000 to the Ministry of Education’s 2017 Mathematics Initiative which this year is seeking to recover lost ground at CSEC in 2016 after 3 years of steady progress between 2012-2015.

Mr James who is also the CEO of NCB Insurance Company Ltd was speaking at the Awards Ceremony for Maths Teacher of the Year.Press Release Maths Teacher Awards Ceremony